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Made By Founders For Founders.

Who Is Mayker Capital?

We are a venture-buyout firm built by founders, for founders.

We're Founders. Investors. Entrepreneurs. Designers. Operators. Salesmen. Marketers.

We founded Mayker with the goal of investing in proven, profitable and customer driven online businesses. Historically, the founders and managers we look to help have struggled to attract suitable partners who respect and understand their business, and don’t look to uproot their culture.

Our focus is on providing flexible exits to founders—and their investors—while also supporting management teams with helpful assistance when and where necessary to create long term value for stakeholders. At Mayker Capital, we’re true long term partners, driven by founder success. Because when founders win, so do we.

Our Mission:

Mayker aims to be the partner of choice for founders.

We accomplish this through flexible, founder friendly terms, open and honest communication, and by simply saying what we mean, and doing what we say.


Why Venture-Buyout?

Traditional Venture Capital

The traditional venture capital strategy is centred around two things, home run investments, and liquidity events. These objectives result in minimal guidance, support and the pressure on founders to continually maximize valuations as quickly as possible. If running a start up wasn’t hard enough already.

Limited guidance
Demand fast growth
Forced liquidity events
Goals may not be aligned

Mayker’s Venture-Buyout Approach

Mayker’s venture-buyout strategy does not rely on a single home run investment or liquidity events. We invest in a select few companies, whose values and vision are aligned with ours. We then dedicate all of our time and resources to scaling and improving the company in all aspects. All the support with none of the pressure.

Full suite of resources
Sustainable growth
Liquidity on your terms
Fully aligned with founders

What Stage Of Business Does Mayker Capital Focus On?

We’re in the business of scaling.

We aim to acquire controlling stakes in tech-enabled companies, whose founding team have developed, tested and achieved product market fit, but lack the expertise to scale effectively. Mayker provides that expertise.


The Companies We Look For

The short answer: Proven

We look for businesses with attractive unit economics and consistent growth that operate in tech-enabled sectors.

  • Technical entrepreneurs
  • Operating for 4 years or more
  • Distinct competitive advantage
  • Operating in a niche sector
  • Sustainably profitable
  • Minimum of $200,000 in TTM free cash flow

If this sounds like you, let’s talk!

Software & Data
AI & Machine Learning

How We Add Value

We let founders focus on their passion, and we do the rest.

No two businesses are ever the same, so no one strategy can fit all businesses. With this in mind we keep our processes flexible and implement simple KPI’s on the areas of the company with the highest impact.

Common Shortcomings That We Address
Technical only founders
Under monetized
No established sales processes
Ineffective marketing & SEO

Our role post-acquisition is to fill any operational and managerial gaps. This allows the founding team the time and freedom to focus on what they truly enjoy—whether that’s product, or golf.


Organize, Optimize, Grow

Success by design.

Our three step process revolves around an idea meritocracy, where we value collaboration and input across all levels of the organization. Together, we tackle key operational, and cultural issues as well as develop sustainable strategies to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Ultimately, this allows teams the flexibility and freedom to be proactive, rather than reactive.


Meet The Mayker Team


Spencer Tasker

  • Completed multiple M&A transactions in a variety of sectors.
  • Structured and led MBO of niche transportation company, Excel Truck Shuttle.
  • Implemented effective OKR’s at the strategic level which saw Excel’s revenues increase 360% and net margins expand by 200%.
  • Proven experience in human capital management and optimization.

Dustin Matos

  • 10 years of experience in graphic design and marketing.
  • Design work has helped to raise millions of dollars in financing.
  • Specializes in website design and campaign creation across a variety of business sectors and marketing channels.
  • Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design For Marketing.

Stuart Kwong

  • Track record of successfully launching and scaling sales departments of both start-ups and upper middle market technology companies.
  • Contributed to executive level revenue operations, strategic planning, and implementation for $1B enterprise SaaS businesses.
  • Over 14 years of experience leading the sales and marketing for globally distributed SaaS organizations.
Chief Technology Officer

Jason Kwong

  • Expanded Microsoft founded non-profit community 200% through effective digital strategy and product management
  • Contributed to developing systems and integrations for World Health Organization, enabling the aggregation and analysis of global Covid-19 rates and vaccine effectiveness
  • Lead the development and digital initiative for a top 10 tertiary institution within Oceania for the last 4 years.
  • Technical product management experience working on enterprise multidisciplinary projects for government agencies and non-profits.
Chief Compliance Officer

Samuel Holmes

  • 8+ years of experience in financial compliance within governmental, political, and private organizations.
  • Served as Head Financial Administrator for units of the Department of National Defence within the Canadian Federal Government.
  • Director of Fundraising for constituency association Election Committees during provincial and federal election campaigns.
  • Possesses extensive knowledge in compliance concerns, risk management, and corporate policy; holds a degree in Philosophy with a focus in Business Ethics.

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